How to win at Mystic Secrets

How to win at Mystic Secrets

Gambling is loved as a means to make easy money and slot games have been an integral part of gambling since ages. One such amazing slot game by Novomatic is the mystic secrets game machine. Based on the medieval theme and having the standard soundtrack of the Novomatic Company, this game is having a decent earning potential. If you know the rules and strategy to win this game, then you can easily make money out of it. With the help of special game strategies, you can make money in the mystic secrets game machine. Either you can spend hours playing the game and understanding it in order to make your strategy or you can read on and follow the strategy of the tester.

Tester feedback – after playing the game for considerable times, the tester has given his feedback about the strategy to be used to win this game. You can win this game easily by just manipulating the size of the bet. You must play on all the 10 lines of the reels that are available and you must bet on each of them in a range of 0.04 to 10 although the minimum allowed bet is 0.01. the optimal betting rates to make a win is 10-50 coins. If you play at the highest rate, then you can maximize your earnings too in this game. But if you are having limited funds and are a beginner then you must not risk all of your deposit amounts. If you get the free spins mode accidentally then you can make a huge win.

What are the statistics and probabilities of bonuses and winnings in the mystic secrets game machine?

  • The volatility of the game is average i.e. around 9.54 out of 20.
  • The dispersion and cycle length is average.
  • The rating of this slot machine for the winnings is 4.61 out of 10.
  • The probability of winning is 21.39% whereas of activating bonus free games is 0.30%.
  • The frequency in which the bonus falls is in every 338 spins.How to win at Mystic Secrets
  • Maximum pay-out amount during the tests is 535 bets.
  • The distribution of winning amount it 41% in bonus and 59% in the main game.
  • On an average, the winning by bonus is 129x.
  • The RTP in this game is 95.06% which does not allow the player to get a positive mathematical expectation.

These are some of the rules and strategies for playing mystic secrets game machine.